Based in Scotland, Change Culture began life in information services, working with Utilities to help understand their data and present it in a way that helps to drive both decisions and behaviour.

With a passion to continuously improve products, services, processes, and an ability to deliver projects and effective information, Change Culture has been also able to successfully implement solutions with Financial Services and Entertainment clients.

No matter the industry, most companies, clients, employees and customers work with the same basic needs, and Change Culture has the knowledge and experience to add value to any initiative or project in order to meet these needs and improve services.

With experience in delivering large-scale development projects, as well as working with long-term business changes, we can demonstrate how our experience can help your next project or initiative.

We believe in managing expectations to build good business relationships. We won't try to sell you on unachievable goals, and we won't implement unecessary solutions that cost or do more than is needed for your business. We aim to balance time, cost and quality in whatever we create, and we strive to design the most elegant solution to meet your requirements.

Get in touch to start talking about the improvements you want to make, the changes you want to manage, or the projects you want to deliver. There's no need to commit to anything too soon, we're always ready and willing to talk through the requirements informally with you. It might help to see what we can offer, and we find that it helps for you to talk through your changes with new people from outside your core leadership team.

If you are thinking about improvements, let's see if Change Culture is a good fit for your business.

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